Ann Inc. Fit is Everything


Whether you crave the excitement of working directly with Clients in one of our retail stores, managing a team of retail Associates out in the field, or pursuing a career in Corporate, our high-performance culture offers rewarding possibilities that fit perfectly into your own version of success.

The qualities that will make you the perfect fit for our culture are based upon working hard, working smart, and most of all, working together. They help us focus on helping Clients, putting them first and foremost into our hearts and minds.

It's a fast-paced, highly collaborative environment, where the standards are high, innovation is constant and results count. We also strive for balance in our lives, accept and embrace different lifestyles, and look to foster strong connections with our surrounding communities.



Core values we embrace personally and professionally

Staying Connected
to Women

We put our Clients first when making decisions

We listen and respond to changing needs

We create experiences that inspire

We spend time in the field, and with the field

Fashion First

We get fashion and love a sense of style

We provide great quality and value

We reach every woman who cares about how she looks

putting our best
selves forward
every day

We show up with good intent

We are optimistic and assume the best in each other

We are accountable for our actions and results

We encourage honest debate

We collaborate and partner with each other

We bring new ideas and are open to change


We encourage a balance between work and life

We seek diversity - in thought, background, and experience

We provide tools and resources that make it easy for us to do our best work

We invest in and develop people so that they can grow

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