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Sourcing is comprised of two integrally linked functions: Product Development and Production. Each has a sourcing manager overseeing the entire process to ensure all strategies have consistent foresight and vision as the product is managed through the supply chain.

Product Development collaborates with Design and Merchandising during the pre-season to secure sample yardage. The team creates long-range plans and manages the production of line review samples. Additionally, Product Development Associates negotiate the initial pricing of fabric and evaluate supplier performance.

Production manages the next steps of garment pricing and quality assurance. This team reviews and confirms the components of each garment. Additionally, they manage garment production and the timeline.

Technical Design maintains the product development process to final production and coordinates construction details. They provide technical solution support and ensure products are engineered to cost standards.


“I oversee a team of dedicated Associates who want to do their best work every day.”

Product Development & Production, LOFT

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